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Why UB? Why UB
The First
  • With just 50 bicycles, Unlimited Biking opened its doors in New York City with only one bike tour a day.

A Second Store
  • We expanded to a second location in Lower Manhattan and added 250 bikes to our fleet.

  • With bike share companies quickly growing, we had to rethink our strategy. We started building our network, partnering with major retail and wholesale travel companies, allowing us to open a third store and go from 2 daily tours to 8.

Reviews Are In
  • Now at 800 bikes, we decided to focus in on customer service by developing our own proprietary systems and company-wide rules and regulations, we were able to make sure all of our guests had the same quality of experience.

Four Locations
  • Reviews were in—people loved our professionalism, equipment quality, and friendliness! We opened our fourth location and started doing private, corporate, and charity events.

Expanding with Cannondale
  • We went all in on Cannondale bikes, a combined 1,500 road, performance, and step-through comfort bikes. We were giving 16 tours every day and supplied equipment for 10 different special events.

Even Bigger
  • 2 more locations, 500 more bikes, 4 more daily tours, and supplied for 10 more events - including the Five Boro Bike Tour, renting 1,500 bikes.

Introducing eBikes
  • We opened our seventh location and started renting out Cannondale eBikes. Our bikes were at 60 events, including the Five Boro Bike Tour, renting over 2,000 bikes.

Going National
  • With 9 locations—including our first in San Francisco—Unlimited Biking kept on growing, with 4,000 bikes, 25 daily tours, and 80 events to look forward to.